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D-A10VSO variable piston pump

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The D-A10VSO series hydraulic pumps are compact, high power density hydraulic components. The design concept uses a parallel arrangement of axial piston shoe assemblies and changes the plunger working stroke through a swash plate to achieve hydraulic pump variables that are used for open circuit hydraulic actuation.


D-A10VSO variable piston pump


First, the product features:
a. The swash plate structure for hydraulic open circuit The axial piston variable pump b, the flow rate is proportional to the driving speed and displacement, and can realize the stepless variable c, ISO/SAE standard mounting flange by adjusting the swash plate inclination angle d. Flange connection conforms to SAE metric or UNC fixed thread e, has two casing drain holes, excellent suction performance f, allows continuous running pressure up to 28Mpa g, low noise, long life h, drive shaft can withstand shaft Toward and radial load i, high power/weight ratio, wide variety of control modes j, short control response time, through-axis structure, shell for multi-loop system
Second, technical data:
Pressure oil
mineral oil
Working viscosity range
For optimum efficiency and longevity, we recommend selecting the operating viscosity of the fluid (at operating temperature) in the following ranges:
Vopt = optimum working viscosity 16.....36mm2/s
Associated with the mailbox temperature (open circuit).
Limit of viscosity range
The limit of viscosity is:
Vmin = 10 mm2/s,
Short-term, at 90 ° C maximum allowable oil leakage temperature
Vmax = 1000 mm2/s for a short time, cold start
Temperature range (see selection map)
Tmin = -25℃


D-A10VSO variable piston pump


Precautions when using working fluid

In order to select the correct hydraulic fluid, it is necessary to know the relationship between the operating temperature of the oil in the mailbox (open circuit) and the temperature of the environment.
Hydraulic fluid must be selected to ensure that the operating viscosity of the fluid is within the optimum range (Vopt) over the operating temperature range (shaded in the selection diagram). It is recommended to use the highest possible viscosity grade for each occasion.
Example: The working oil temperature is 60 ° C at an ambient temperature of X ° C.
There is a VG46 or VG68 in the optimum working viscosity range (Vopt; shaded portion). VG68 should be selected.
Note: The temperature of the leaking oil (case drain) is affected by the pressure and speed of the pump and is always higher than the postal temperature. However, the maximum temperature anywhere in the system must not exceed 90 °C.
Oil filtration
The finer the oil filter, the better the cleanliness of the working fluid, and the longer the axial piston pump life.
In order to ensure the normal function of the axial plunger element, the cleanliness of the oil is required to be at least
NAS1638, level 9
18/15 of ISO/DIS 4406
Mechanical displacement limiter
The mechanical displacement limiter only uses the 12/62NOO series plunger pump, which can realize the maximum displacement from 50% ←→100%.
Working pressure range - the oil inlet side
Absolute pressure of S port (import)
Pabs min 0.08Mpa
Pabs min 3Mpa
Working pressure range - the exit side
Pressure at port B
Rated pressure PN 28Mpa
Peak pressure Pmax 35Mpa
Intermittent operation at a load time of 10%, the pressure can reach 31.5Mpa


D-A10VSO variable piston pump


Shell drain pressure
Leakage oil (L, L1 port) maximum allowable pressure: the highest can be higher than the inlet pressure of S port 0.05Mpa, but not higher than 0.2Mpa absolute pressure.
Flow direction: S to B
1) The above information is valid when the inlet pressure of the S port is 0.1Mpa absolute. If the displacement is reduced or the inlet pressure is increased, the speed can be increased.
Specification calculation


D-A10VSO variable piston pump
Vg = geometric displacement per revolution [cm3]
△P = differential pressure [Mpa]
n=Speed [rmp]
Ηv=volume efficiency
Ηmh=mechanical-hydraulic efficiency
Ηt=total efficiency (ηt=ηv×ηmh)
Corresponding parameter set not found, please add it in property template of background
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