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Routine maintenance of hydraulic secondary construction column pump

Routine maintenance of hydraulic secondary construction column pump

Secondary construction column pump manufacturers on the efficient analysis of machinery industry manufacturing and production Mechanical manufacturing is the process of determining the output after a rigorous theoretical design. Manufacturing not only reflects the eligibility criteria of the products, but also marks that the mechanical products can be mass-produced. To meet the high efficiency of the mechanical industry, it is necessary to carry out a series of theoretical research, engineering drawing, product testing and product inspection to speed up the quality. The mechanical production is that after the product meets the relevant regulations, it can be determined to carry out mass production. The efficient premise of mass production is to have a smooth production line, no stagnation, one-stop production mode, and safety and quality inspection to ensure high quality.
Therefore, whether it is mechanical manufacturing or mechanical production, achieving high efficiency standards requires enterprises to make reasonable plans and properly formulate strategies to achieve high quality and rapid delivery of mechanical products. The mortar spraying machine is a kind of screw type high-pressure mortar spraying machine. It has advanced technology and integrates advanced technology at home and abroad. Based on its research and update, it is a new type of multi-functional spraying equipment, which can be used for plastering of exterior wall plastering in the construction industry. Putty spraying, cement spraying, exterior wall insulation materials and refractory materials, etc., large-area spraying of building surfaces, large-area spraying of geotechnical engineering, etc., characterized by no pulse, high pressure, large flow, high efficiency, convenient operation, safety, and The device is compact in structure, easy to move, easy to maintain, long in service life and easy to clean.
It is very high in terms of work efficiency. On average, a multi-purpose mortar spraying machine can be used to complete 800 square meters of spraying work per day. Secondly, the quality of the mortar spraying machine itself is also well protected. In addition to the high degree of adhesion, the coating is also strong in terms of firmness. Secondly, it does not appear to be empty or reworked. In addition, the multi-purpose mortar spraying machine is also very provincial. Money. Basically, a machine only needs three people to complete the control. Compared with the traditional labor, not only the injury is greatly reduced, but also the completion time of the project is shortened, and the cost of labor is saved. With the continuous development of the economy, the cost of single labor is now very large.
Special structure of secondary construction column: The pump is light in weight and equipped with a walking wheel for easy movement, unique design, convenient movement, stable operation, simple operation and long service life. The pumping system is 10 times more manual, saving time and labor costs and improving labor productivity. It can be placed directly on the floor for casting and is not subject to pump height restrictions.
Maintenance method for secondary construction column special pump:
1. First, the lubricating oil in the bearing housing should be replaced regularly, and the normal condition is replaced once every 6 months.
2. Secondly, there is no water trace on the motor to prevent the motor from being damp. After damp, it will affect the use and safety of the device.
3. In the cold season, if there is ice formation after stopping the pump, the cooling water at the seal should be turned on first. If necessary, the water can be heated to thaw. After that, the coupling is moved by hand until it is flexible, and then drive according to the startup procedure.
4. The pump with cooling water device should be connected to the cooling water before driving. When the pump is running normally, it can continue to be connected. If the conditions are not allowed, it can be stopped. 5. The operation of the pump when closing the outlet valve is called the closed-pressure operation state. The closing operation time of the whole plastic pump or the plastic-lined pump should be shortened as much as possible. The medium temperature medium should not exceed 5 minutes, and the high temperature medium should not exceed 2 minutes.
6. Finally, the pump cannot bear the weight of the inlet and outlet pipes. The shorter the inlet pipe, the better. The vertical height of the pump outlet to the valve should be as short as possible.
Vertical hydraulic secondary construction column pump advantage: The company's pump power is very small, only 22kw, in the absence of power supply, only need a minimum generator to work. The company is the smallest concrete pump in the country and is the only choice for many narrow construction environments. The company's pump is light in weight and easy to move. The company's pump configuration is high, full hydraulic operation, stable performance, compact structure, low failure rate and long life. The company's pumps are affordable, with miniature mortar pumps, miniature fine stone concrete pumps and miniature concrete pumps for customers to choose from. The company adopts automatic air pressure technology of piston structure, with large working pressure, long pumping distance and high pumping height. The company is used for structural column casting, with good continuity, high conveying efficiency and hundreds of times of artificial pouring concrete.